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Why Your Business Is Losing Customers?

A lot of businesses today are so busy in attracting new customers that they fail to retain the old ones, which sure isn’t quite propitious. While new resources of revenue generation should consistently be created, retaining the old ones is what will help you establish and maintain a position in the market. In this situation, it is vital to understand why some customers just walk away and never come back. Whether you are a call center service provider or are running a multinational enterprise, it is imperative to understand why your enterprise is losing customers and seek the required solutions for the same. Following are the top five reasons that compel customers to put an end to their association with a brand:
•Lack of empathy is one amongst the top reasons that irritate a consumer and compels him to switch to a competing business. Agents often intentionally or unintentionally sound rude, which further agitates the consumer who seeks a solution for an issue. •       Repeating the said …

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