The Gloomier Side of the Glorified Outsourcing Business Process

Every business has its own pros and cons. The offshore industry, which has become one of the rapidly growing industries of the 21st century in the global platform, was subjected to controversy for several years. However, with passage of time people have accepted it with good will, and today it plays a significant role in sustaining the economic growth of a country. It is estimated that, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) and Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) being the chief driving forces of the industry, it is rapidly growing at an annual rate of 60% to 70%. Every day millions of people get recruited in this sector and with the shift of the business model, the demand for skilled and capable candidate is on a rise.  Today, the industry seeks people, who are quick learner and can efficiently meet the demand of the clients.

With the BPOs and KPOs mushrooming in the global hubs like India and Philippines, new career avenues in call center outsourcing has popped up. Attractive salary packages, flexible shift timing, employee benefits and other such factors have appeared to be a swarming factor for the call center outsourcing industry. However, there is a class of people, who on the other hand does not mind in highlighting the gloomier side of the industry, which has forced most of them to quite the outsourcing sector.


  • Fall in the rate of salary hike: It is seen that most of the BPO employees quit their job due to poor appraisal. As there is a common view that call center jobs pay a very good salary package, hence the expectations of the employees are also high. When they fail to get the expected package of their choice after serving the industry for years, they choose to move out of the industry.
  • Offbeat shift timings: As most of the Indian outsourcing companies provide services to clients overseas, these companies usually operates in night. So, when the rest of the world returns home in the evening, a BPO employee starts his day. This causes emotional disturbances amongst the family members, which may at times lead to an unexpected consequence. Not only this, unconventional working hours also takes toll on one’s health due to insufficient sleep.

  • Health Problems: Stress in the workplace and odd working hours are the two primary elements that are responsible for the health disorders amongst the BPO employees. Our body needs at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep. But working throughout the night without sleep may cause sleeping disorder, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, poor eye-sight, etc. Moreover siting in one place for long 9-10 hours may also lead to problems like weight gain, depression, etc.

  • Undesirable social practices: In order to get rid of stress in the workplace, most of the BPO employees engage themselves into undesirable practices like, smoking, drinking and even drug consumption. These practices not only risk their health, but also affect their performance in work.

However, more recently sexual harassment on female employees by their male counterparts or by their cab drivers has risked women from working in night shifts.

  • Lack of social life: As most of the international call center operates in night, hence the employees are abstained from enjoying their social life.  They cannot enjoy the company of their friends and relatives, cannot visit family functions and parties, which at time leaves them frustrated.
  • Lack of status: As call center jobs, especially people working in tele services, does not require any specific educational qualification. Hence from a 10th pass out student to a PHD degree holder, everyone can join the industry on the basis of their communication skill.  However, people providing technical support services in a call center do need certain technical knowledge to troubleshoot problems raised by the customers. In fact, the team providing technical support services has to have strong technical skills, so that they are capable of solving any technical problem that arises within the organization.

Thus, the remuneration offered to them also depends on their skill, but not on their qualification. This leads to internal differences amongst the employees, and hence a person who has a higher academic degree feels that in spite of having a degree, they remain unnoticed and have no status in the society. This feeling of indifference leaves them frustrated and finally quite the industry.

Apart from the above, pressure from the superiors to fulfill their targets and unfriendly relationship with their fellow mates make the life of a BPO employee stressful and strenuous leading to a sour BPO experience.


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