Why Is Social Media Customer Care Need Of The Hour?

Undoubtedly, technology is the best gift that science could have ever given to the humankind. Not only has technology made our lives more comfortable, but has also given us a plethora of choices. Amongst the many marvels of technology, Internet is the one that is definitely way ahead of the rest. The advent of Internet has made everybody seek an identity in the virtual world. Not only people, but even organizations are striving to carve out their own niche in the virtual arena. Therefore, social media customer care has emerged as one of the most significant customer retention services. The creation of a new online outlet every other day is evidence to the larger-than-life influence of social media.

The emergence of social media has ushered in an era where online marketing and e-business have become the name of the game. It has forced organizations look for innovative and effective customer retention techniques. Social media customer care has made companies realize that customer service is no longer limited to a telephonic conversation. Whenever a customer has a problem with any product or service, he/she can share it online over the company’s social media customer care. Social media customer care lets an organization create its online presence. Besides promoting its services and products, it also allows a company to sort out the problems of its customers before they become too difficult to handle.

At present, more and more organizations are focusing on customer retention services as survival has become the key in dog-eat-dog world. The growth of social media and Internet has made companies integrate conventional call center techniques with the social media channels used by majority of customers in today’s world. This has led to creation of social media customer care centers.

In the present scenario, customers no longer wait for contact center representatives to pick up their calls and listen to their problems. Instead, customers are writing about the companies on their Blog, Twitter and Facebook pages. While the typical call centers could only handle the phone calls of customers, the contemporary social media customer care centers can handle both social media and customer calls. In addition, social media contact centers provide both inbound and outbound social media customer care services which ensure that all the problems of the customers are being addressed by an experienced person.

In general, when any customer has a query about any service or product, he/she calls up the customer care department of the company. Then, the person has to wait and bear with repetitive disconnections before being helped by a customer care executive. The development of social media networks has made the task much easier for customers. A social media customer care center allows a customer to avoid the frustrating wait time before getting a final answer to the query. Yes, finally customer care is available to customers at the click of a button!


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