How To Use Empathy To Satisfy Your Customers?

In the age of social networking, an offended customer can spread the word about your organization's incompetence faster than you can ever imagine. Whether he puts up a tweet or uses any other social media platform, your organization can lose business and the trust of many valuable customers. Yes, there are times when the demands of customers are unreasonable but your business depends on them; so, handling them with empathy is imperative, not a choice. You may run a multi-billion dollar enterprise but it is the customer, who holds the ultimate power; he can fire you and all the employees in your organization by deciding to spend somewhere else. In the following write-up, I will walk you through few ways that your customer care representatives should employ to make empathy an innate part of every customer contact:

          Firstly, when a customer complains about something, consider listening instead of defending your case. You may be right and hearing an irrational rant is painful for sure but just take it as a part of your job. Let the customer say what he wants to and then say whatever you have to.

          After the complaining part of the conversation is over, do not just start defending your case. Tell the customer that he is important and the incontinence caused is deeply regretted. After this empathetically tell him that how you can resolve this issue, without blaming the customer for being irrational.

          Someone once said that the customers do not expect you to never make a mistake but they do expect that the glitches are fixed diligently. This is the reason why most of the outsourced customer service providers offer proactive assistance to customers. This is the best way to show empathy to your customers. When the customer receives a proactive solution for his problem, he feels that he is important for your business.

These are just a few ways to show empathy to your customers and deliver assistance that can be remunerative for your business.


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